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What People Are Saying...

"We thoroughly enjoyed your performance on the 23rd August [2013]]. You were excellent, professional and appropriate for the occasion. I loved hearing the music floating up to the ridge where people gathered in the waning sunlight. It was a poetic moment! " — Judy C

"We wanted to thank you for your music at our wedding on September 24 [2011]. The day was truly fantastic, and your efforts helped to make it what it was. You guys blew us out of the water, and it'd be our pleasure to tell the same to anyone who asks." — Mark P & Winslow C

"We so loved having you folks here at Palmer Street Coffeehouse! [The capacity audience was] a true testament to how much excitement the Big Spike "Buzz" creates in our area! Your 5 part harmonies along with the band's masterful stringed instrumentals were superb and the connection you make with the audience goes without saying." — Jody Lawson, Palmer Street Coffeehouse, Plattsburgh, NY

"The Vermont-based group provided a hearty portion of vocal harmony, witty humor and expert picking." — The Post-Star, Glens Falls (NY) (Oct. 17, 2009)

"'A New Day' is the latest release from New England's Big Spike, one of the most productive bluegrass bands in that region." "'A New Day' is first-class bluegrass from a group poised on the brink of attracting new audiences far beyond their New England base. This is one album that comes highly recommended." — Bluegrass Unlimited (September, 2008)

"If Big Spike hasn't already proven itself to be the full bluegrass package - with tight vocal harmonies, instrumental prowess, and a gift for not only unearthing, but writing some great songs - then their brand new disc, 'A New Day', drives the point home pretty clearly." — Jedd Kettler, County Courier, Enosburg, VT

"['A New Day'] isn't newgrass; this is bluegrass of the deepest blue, ... with 21st-century energy, whether covering old chestnuts or unveiling original tunes..."  — Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington (VT) Free Press

"With their latest album, northern Vermont's Big Spike... demonstrates fresh chops with [an old style.]" "The music on 'A New Day' sounds like a unified whole with nothing out of place and no musical bumps in the road — the bluegrass is clean and meticulously played."  — Robert Resnik, Seven Days (VT)

"['A New Day' is] the perfect bluegrass sound with tight harmony. I spend a lot of time on the road and keep the CD in the car. It gets played at least once a day."  — Bob & Alice Brewer, New Jersey

"[For 'A New Day'] you've selected a killer menu of material which you all pick and sing with some real power, energy and feeling. I especially enjoyed the original tunes such as "Don't Slam the Door When You Go," "Emily's Bridge," "Quill Pig" and "Ethan Pound." ...You all have forged your own hard-driving, highly distinctive sound and I'll be doing my best to get the word out in Nashville and in our other syndicated locations."  — Dave Higgs, Bluegrass Breakdown, Nashville Public Radio

"Move over bluegrass, here comes greengrass, courtesy of Vermont's sizzling pickers and singers, Big Spike. Their new CD, 'A New Day', is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and a 'spike' in your day." — "Mr. Charlie" Frazier, Blues For Breakfast, WIZN, Burlington, VT

"If you love hard driving, traditional bluegrass with great vocals and instrumental excellence, then seek out Big Spike. This Vermont based band is the real deal. Their stage shows hark back to the early days of bluegrass when performances were graced with style, presence, and the right blend of humor backed by a powerhouse delivery. Their new CD, 'A New Day', showcases the band at its best. Big Spike would be a great addition to any festival line-up. They're sensational." — Carol Beaugard, Lonesome Pine RFD, WFDU, Teaneck, NJ

"['A New Day' is] fabulous. I've added virtually every cut from the CD into the rotation of songs featured on our bluegrass songs. It's simply great traditional bluegrass music done very well.  —  Marty Scarbrough, Program Director, KASU, Jonesboro, Arkansas

"['A New Day'] sounds great. It will be on my playlist for awhile. —  Brother Brian's Bluegrass Show, CFRC, Kingston Ontario

"['A New Day' is] not only a really, really good album, it's radio-friendly right through."  —  Eddie O'Strange Town & Country Radio Show, New Zealand

"[We] haven't heard live music this good since a Jesse Winchester concert some three years ago. Love the CD."  —  Julie and Nelson Gonyer, Sherbrooke, Quebec

"Just saw you at the Harvest Market, bought your CD and I'm telling everyone I run into how great you sounded!"  —  Sara Burghoff, Underhill, VT

"Big Spike is one of the most professional and exciting groups that have performed at our show."  —  Neal Brown, Promoter, Rattling Brook Bluegrass Festival, Belvedere, VT

"[Big Spike] sounded great as usual. My favorite of the whole weekend was hanging around the fire Sunday night listening to your music."  —  Jeff Allott, Promoter, Otis Mountain Music Festival, Elizabethtown, NY

"...[for] our summer concert series Big Spike brought in over 300 [people], a record high." "...highly recommended"  —  Karin Keane, Arts Council For the Northern Adirondacks, Westport, NY

"...they truly entertain with their honest approach to traditional bluegrass..."  —  Essex Today, Essex, NY

"I really like the album ["Cheatin', Lying..."]. Lots of great songwriting and great playing on it!"  —  Matt Winter,The Moonshine Show, WKCR, New York, NY

"["Cheatin', Lying..." is] a great album -- it's got everything a bluegrass album should be, with good songs, good musicianship, and vocals with energy."  —  Eddie O'Strange Town & Country Radio Show, New Zealand

"...an imaginative collection of high grade bluegrass." "From every aspect, 'Cheatin', Lying, Leavin', Crying' is a first-class production assured to elevate the visibility of Big Spike."  —  Bluegrass Unlimited (June, 2005)

"[Here's] an answer for those who question whether there's any 'real' bluegrass coming out of New England." "Each of the cuts [on "Cheatin', Lying..."]...sounds like it could have been written decades earlier." "...a fine debut from a group of talented players."  —  Seven Days (VT)

"We really appreciated the fantastic music!! ...some of my coworkers said, 'This is the best band you have had so far!'  —  Keith Walsh, Manager, American Flatbread, Burlington, VT

"Saw you play at American Flatbread in Burlington and had the best time I've had in many, many months."  —  Clark, Burlington, VT

"...lively, engaging and very entertaining! The talent and skill of its members really comes out in their style and charm. They have really captured the art of bluegrass..."  —  Margo Metruk, Randolph, VT

"WOW!... Outstanding talent, what harmony, you took my breath away!!"  —  Kathy Smith, Sheldon, VT

"One of Vermont's newest and best bluegrass bands featured resonating vocals..."  —  St. Albans (VT) Messenger

"Their original material is just waiting to be covered by the "pro" bands. Great stuff."  —  Richie LeBrun, Burlington, VT

"One of Vermont's musical treasures..."  —  Montpelier Times-Argus, Montpelier, VT

"I love it! This is what country music used to sound like."  —  Mary Miller, Plattsburgh, NY

"These boys put on a great show. Well-paced, great musicianship, perfect harmonies, and they looked like they were having a terrific time while doing it!"  —  Art Samson, Malone, NY

"Solid instrumental performances..." "...Sad songs are made sadder and lonelier by haunting low vocals"  —  Hudson Valley (NY) Bluegrass Association Newletter

"...clean, essential old-time country and bluegrass." "...Not only are they keeping the tradition alive, they have become part of it!"  —  Morrissville (VT) Transcript

"Every time I hear this group, it makes me wanna just get up and dance!"  —  Jim Snyder, Akwesasne, NY

"Big Spike plays and sings their brand of music with emotion and drive; nothing overly glossy, just good, edgy, no apologies, in-your -face bluegrass."  —  Bob Amos, Front Range