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Bluegrass Links

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Bluegrass/Old-time Audio On-Line

Bluegrass Country Online bluegrass using Windows Media Player, 24 hours a day! Formerly broadcast on the electric radio from WAMU in Washington, D.C. Some great and rare bluegrass shows from Ray Davis and Fred Bartenstein and others.
Lomax Library of Congress Transcriptions Southern Mosaic: The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip. Real Audio. Also has pictures and bios of the artists.
Joe Bussard's Vintage78 I include this one because, even though he doesn't have a lot available to listen to, Joe is a certified national resource. If there's something on 78's that you just must have, then Joe will make you a tape or CD for a reasonable price.
Joe Bussard's Country Classics FINALLY, Joe's radio program is online. You can spend an hour with Joe each week on WREK 91.1 FM, Georgia Tech's student owned and operated radio station. The most recent show each week is in the archive for your listening enjoyment and edification! Go here and select either 24 kbps (dialup) or 128 kbps (broadband) streaming MP3, then scroll down and select Country Classics (Friday, 5-6 p.m.).
Internet Archive sound files MP3's of 78 rpm records and cylinders from the early 'teens and twenties. Mixed novelty, jazz, early country including some gems like Eck Robertson, Uncle Jimmy Thompson and the Georgia Crackers.
Bluegrass Gospel MP3s of Bill Monroe Sixteen Bill Monroe gospel 78's in MP3 format. Also has some black gospel (Soul Stirrers, Harmonizing Four, etc.), southern gospel (Stamps Quartet, Sunshine Boys, etc.) and mountain gospel (Ernest Phipps, Alfred Karnes, etc.) available in MP3.
Ed's Country Memory Lane Classic country and bluegrass, and some early rock and R&B. Poorly organized, but lots of good stuff hidden here.
Juneberry 78's Roots music of all types -- blues, old-time, gospel, Mexican, Cape Breton, calypso, Irish, etc. -- from the 20's, 30's and 40's, mostly from 78's and wire recorders, transferred to MP3's.
Old Time Music from 78s GREAT site! Some absolutely wonderful blues, ragtime and old-time music from 78's, some unavailable elsewhere. And HonkingDuck.com has got to be one of the best site names ever! Be forewarned; you'll spend hours here.
Live365. A collection of sites with streaming music This site has hundreds of stations that appear and disappear with regularity as the "DJ's" gain and lose interest. Think of any rarified musical sub-genre; somebody is running a radio station here dedicated to it. Use the search function to look for stations that mirror your interests -- try "bluegrass", "country", "old time" or "blues". There are too many to list. Bookmark the stations that show up so you can find them again easily.  Listening used to be free, but that has changed with the new royalty arrangement negotiated by the RIAA and Congress.  You now need to be a member to listen to most of the "premium" content.  However, membership is cheap.
The Sound Of Bill MP3 samples of Bill Monroe's mandolin playing.  Just clips of mandolin playing, no full songs.
Old Time Music MIDI Archive Nineteenth and 20th Century dance tunes arranged for fiddle and banjo. Requires a MIDI player, but there's usually one included with every sound card.
Quebecois 78 Fiddle Recordings Site is in French, but even if you can't read it, there are buttons with links to some great Quebecois fiddling.
BBC - Virtual Session Irish session recorded in BBC studios. Requires RealPlayer 8 and a Flash plugin.
DeFord Bailey -- A Legend Lost Some RealPlayer tracks of this legendary harmonica player and Grand Old Opry musician, and a history.
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine Vintage 78 and cylinder records, 1900-39. Some blues, but mostly dance bands and "novelty" records.
Edison Records National Park Service site, featuring selections from Edison records and cylinders.
Fiddle-L Anthology 1999 MP3's of a CD that was put together by members of FIDDLE-L, the fiddle discussion list.  Some great playing here. Also check out the playing of Tony Ludiker, a great contest-style fiddler here.
Live Shows Collection of live streaming shows, some bluegrass, some jamgrass, some ...other.
Nelson McGarys Oldtime Fiddle Pages A few MP3's of fiddle tunes, but mostly a site about fiddlers and fiddling.
Old-time Country They really mean "classic country" from the 50's and 60's. RealAudio format.
PublicRadioFan.com - Country-bluegrass music programs Links to bluegrass/old-time radio shows available on public radio.
Secret Museum of the Air archives The radio program was hosted by two of the most knowledgeable music historians anywhere, Pat Conte and Richie Shulberg (Citizen Kafka), both drawing on their massive collections of old 78's, LP's and tapes of music that has been mostly lost and forgotten. The website was a fascinating place but is apparently offline now. However, here are archives of the radio shows you can listen to. Recommended.
The Vocal Group Harmony Web Site Black gospel, 20's through the 50's. Great stuff. You can hear where Doyle Lawson got some of his material and arrangement ideas.
Red Hot Jazz Early jazz 78's and some video. ´┐ŻLots of good background on musicians. Real Audio (video requires ActiveX plugin)

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

Mandolin Cafe Everything mandolin-related. Active group.
CoMando Co-Mando, the mandolin player's mailing list.
BGRASS-L The bluegrass list. Very active, with lots of working bluegrass musicians who monitor the list or actively participate.
FIDDLE-L Mostly bluegrass and old-time, but all folk styles are represented.
FLATPICK-L Bluegrass and old-time flatpicking guitar list.
BANJO-L More than you ever wanted to know about the banjo.

Bluegrass Links

Vermont Bluegrass The place to go to find out what's happening in bluegrass in Vermont. Links to bands, bluegrass events, classified ads, and articles about bluegrass in and around Vermont.
Cybergrass The Internet's Bluegrass Music Magazine, and the first website devoted to bluegrass music. Created by Bob Cherry in 1992, it was also the seventh publicly available website in the world on the then-new World Wide Web. Lots of bluegrass news, artist profiles, reviews and forums devoted to bluegrass.
Hillbilly-Music.com - Home of Old-Time Country Music Rather a work in progress, this site has some great stories about early country bands and radio shows and personalities.
Northeast Country Music Association This relatively new organization is working to promote New England country music, both classic country and bluegrass.
Mandozine On-line mandolin magazine. Playing tips, mandolin links, interviews, etc.
Essay -- Lost master tapes Depressing article about master tapes and acetates destroyed by major record companies through neglect, indifference and stupidity. Remember this one when the record company flacks begin their mantra about how committed they are to music and musicians.
Hill Country Tunes, by Sam Bayard Sam Bayard's 1944 book of Pennsylvania fiddle tunes, with notation and commentary, published by the American Folklore Society. PDF format, about 5.8 MB. This classic book, long out of print, is an invaluable resources for fiddlers everywhere. Rare book and eBay auctions will sell this book for hundreds of dollars on the rare occasions when a copy does show up.


Bluegrass Lyrics dot com Excellent site with lots of standards broken down by artist.
Bluegrass Lyrics Site created by Japanese bluegrass fan Motoya Kitagawa containing hundreds of bluegrass lyrics, painstakingly transcribed from recordings (including some wonderful misheard lyrics!). Still a great resource.
Grass Lyrics Complete lyrics from a few more recent recordings, such as Longview. Lots of annoying popups here, though.
Bluegrass Net Local mirror to Kitagawa's lyrics site, above.
COWPIE COuntry and Western Pickers of the IntErnet. Extensive lyrics database to country/folk/bluegrass songs.
Digital Traditions/Mudcat Cafe Amazingly comprehensive lyrics database of traditional and folk songs. Can search by keyword or a few words that you remember.
The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection - Home Page Lester Levy collected old sheet music -- LOTS of it. When he died, his will gave the 30,000 items in his sheet music collection to Johns Hopkins University, which scanned and indexed it. You'll find some amazing items here dating from the Civil War up through the early 20th century. You can search by author, genre, first lines, and snippets of dimly remembered text.

Because these are hi-res scanned images, you'll need a fast internet connection and/or lots of time. But worth it.

Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyric Index Barb Diederich did what the rest of us should have done years ago: Created an index of all the bluegrass/old-time and country lyric sites, so you can quickly find the lyrics to that song you've been meaning to learn. Great work, Barb!
DukeUniv - Historic American Sheet Music Another sheet music site like the Lester Levy collection, above.
Country and BG Lyrics Mixed bag of lyrics to 184 old-time, bluegrass, gospel and country songs.
www.civilwar.com - music Lyrics to 23 popular Civil war songs.
Country Lyrics Actually country and soft rock lyrics, but you might find what you want here.
Another source of Carter Family lyrics This one is better organized. They both purport to be complete, but you might want to compare transcriptions for accuracy.
Bluegrass lyrics Primarily bluegrass gospel, but some traditional bluegrass here as well.
Hot Rod Lincoln, The Song - A Short History This isn't strictly bluegrass or classic country, but the history of this tune is so interesting that I had to include it. Did you know there were half a dozen tunes that preceded the 1950's rock'n'roll classic that was recorded by Charlie Ryan and covered by Commander Cody? Read it here.
More links to bluegrass lyrics Lyrics and guitar tabs to many bluegrass songs.
Max Hunter Folk Song Collection Another gem of a site, this one specializing in Ozark folksongs. Max Hunter was a traveling salesman whose hobby was folksong collecting. As he drove all over the Ozarks, he jotted down and recorded songs from local people. You can hear those recordings here.
Finding Lyrics To Songs - Links Links to lyrics pages. Some duplication to what's here
Gary Shepherd's Bluegrass Page Tab and lyrics to many bluegrass songs.
History in Song Song lyrics about historical subjects, organized by topic. For example, Outlaws & Badmen, Songs From Penitentiaries & Chain Gangs, The Civil War, The Railroad In American Song, etc.
Index of -public-lyrics-cs-uwp Public directory containing lyrics to mostly rock songs, but some country there if you look for them.
MusicPotential Lyrics DB Lyrics to many bluegrass, country and folk songs.
UCB Libraries Digital Sheet Music Collection Univ. of Colorado collection of downloadable sheet music, primarily Western and ragtime.
Venerable Music Commercial site specializing in 78 r.p.m.-era music in all genres, featuring the catalogs of such labels as County, Document, Yazoo, JSP, Proper Box Sets, Most of the Bear Family stuff, ASV Living Era, as well as hundreds of other smaller labels. Also offers online streaming of old, out-of-print music
GospelMusic.org Words, chords, some tab to hundreds of gospel songs. Includes author info and first recording artist, in many cases
Uncle Dave Macon lyrics Words to most — if not all — of Uncle Dave Macon's wonderful songs. Note that there is also another effort to catalog these at Mudcat. Do a search for Uncle Dave Macon there, and you'll find a thread in which members have been transcribing his lyrics.

Local Bands Links

Tom Akstens and Neil Rossi Neil sometimes does shows with Tom Akstens, an old high school friend, playing old-time string band music, roadhouse tear-jerkers, country blues and ragtime, and original songs mixed in with some back-porch humor. Go here to listen to samples of their latest CD and see where they're playing next.
Banjo Dan and The Mid-Nite Plowboys Vermont's longest-running band, and one of the most popular and most versatile.
Gordon Stone Band A synthesis of bluegrass, jazz, new-wave and other styles from this very talented banjo player.
Cold Country Bluegrass Long-running, traditionally-oriented central Vermont band.
Bluegrass Gospel Project Band A collection of very talented players and singers who specialize in bluegrass gospel music. Well worth seeing.
Gopher Broke This very tight southern Vermont band has a number of recordings to their credit. They put on a terrific show and are very popular.
The Gibson Brothers While not strictly a Vermont band (they hail from across Lake Champlain in New York state), we can call them honorary Vermonters. They have the unmistakeable "brother duet" sound that we love. Great songwriters and musicians, they have been getting rave reviews all around the country. Go hear 'em, and buy a couple of their CD's. You won't regret it.
Bob Degree An energetic performer, Bob is also a tireless and enthusiastic promoter of bluegrass in Vermont. He and his band, The Bluegrass Storm, seem to play everywhere!